Reading Programs

Read-a-thons/Reading Programs are designed to increase literacy amongst 3rd and 4th grade students as well expose geographically isolated students to the world around them.

Eboni Eyes is excited about the upcoming 2017- 2018 school year! This year’s reading programs will focus on three central topics: entrepreneurship, financial education and character development. As a military officer, mentor, business owner and investor, Eboni Eyes founder Dr. Charleese Sampa has teamed up with other business owners and financial education experts to bring programs to St. Louis area schools/community centers that introduce students to entrepreneurial skills, money basics and character traits that will enable them to thrive their entire lives. The first round of reading programs for this school year will occur during the month of November, National Entrepreneurship Month.

Eboni Eyes reading programs seeks to introduce essential life skill concepts not traditionally covered in classrooms.


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